Zwolle StudentCity

Zwolle, dynamic Hanseatic city

Welcome to Zwolle, a vibrant Hanseatic city that celebrate life in its historic city center. A city full of creative students, inventive entrepreneurs and individualistic free thinks. You will quickly feel welcome in Zwolle, a modern city with a rich and fascinating history which makes for a great walk. Our historical town centre with its old canals is home to many places of great significance. The Hanseatic League’s warehouses and homes with grand façades point to the origin of our prosperity.

Student life in Zwolle

If you love parks and being outside, if you like going out to pubs but are serious about your studies, Zwolle is the place to be. Zwolle is a medium-sized city at only one hour travelling from Amsterdam. As well as a beautiful historic centre, the city has lots of parks (really nice for picnics!) plus atmospheric cafés and places to eat. Zwolle is also a great place to shop, with all the big chain stores and loads of independent boutiques. It’s also a safe city: if you learn how to ride a bike, it’s easy to get around. Student life in Zwolle is focused in and around the city centre, which is packed with attractive cafés and restaurants. Zwolle has lots of cultural activities too, including music and cultural festivals, theatre shows, movies and an annual Rhythm & Blues Night. There are student clubs and societies for everything from rowing to getting together with other international students.

Overview of Zwolle, student city

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